Communication with Customs Agencies.
Comparative gloss vs Delta.
Comparative Inventory.
Control of the 8th Rule.
Corrections control.
Link ERP. (SAP, Oracle, JD-Edwards, others)
Alternate parts.
Materials settings for downloads.
Mexican and American generates invoice for import and export.
Control of export and import declarations.
Balance control motions.
Regime changes.
IMMEX permit management and the 8th Rule.
Management reviews in the bill of materials (BOM).
Certificate of origin.
Tracking Parties.
Audit and Alarms module.
Virtual management transfers. (Imp-Exp)
Generator integrated reports.
Security module.
Annex 31 module.
Detailed Audit Report.



Electronic Auditor between Delta and Glosa

Direct Link to Edicomex Rate Tarif

Delta Link to Vucem-COVE

Delta Link to Vucem-Pedimentos